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123WEBS helps make business sites mobile friendly.

Mobile Apps and Websites

Selling services or products? I can help you reach more people online.

Responsive Design

Having your website flow through a responsive layout ensures that your content will look great on every device. Whether your potential prospects are visiting from their home desktop computer or laptop, their tablet, or their cell phone, your contact information, products and services are ready to be consumed and acted upon without frustrating your customer.


Mobile Friendly

Your customer is on the road - they're looking for your phone number. An address for their GPS. Or a map directly to your door. A 123WEBS designed site stops all the aggravating hunt-and-peck, pinch-and-drag action that cell phone users love to hate. We believe that the content a potential customer needs should never be more than a finger tap away.

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Custom Branding

Your business is unique and your website should reflect that. Your brand, corporate colors, logo, and photos will be front and center in your website makeover. We don't use templates that can't be edited. My top designers work hard to ensure the right message is conveyed to your target market. Your branding is as important to us as it is to you. One more thing, I'll be making your website responsive.

How I Help
A Personal Letter From 123webs' Owner
Thank you for visiting 123WEBS today. My name is Laura Childs and I have been involved in designing websites and marketing online for over 16 years. Previous to that I was the Communications Officer for the City of Toronto. Read more about Laura Childs, 123WEBS, and responsive design here...

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Author Joe Vitale's Home Page Design by 123WEBS

Book Marketing Project For A Well Established Author

Client: Dr. Joe Vitale, Texas, USA Late 2004 Design: Laura Childs, Tools: WordPress, HTML, (custom

Demo Mobile Sites

Varied Clients Altered for Business Privacy United States & Canada 2013 Designs Tools: Custom .PHP Pages When I
After Website Makeover

Syntrek, Inc. (Doctor’s Website)

Client: Dr. Howard Eisenberg, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada 2012 Design: Sherman Hu, Tools:

New Website Owner?

If you're just starting out, just thinking about putting your business online, you'll find many intro articles on 123WEBS to shorten your learning curve. Learn about domain names, hosting, selling online, and a little bit of marketing to get you started.

Should you choose to have 123WEBS create your business site, you'll soon discover that we're with you every step of the way. We build websites on a powerful but easy-to-use CMS (content management system). Our web masters work fast to ensure that your updates don't break your budget, and you can easily manage most of your future updates in house. Self-train through videos we supply, or invite us to your location for personalized training.

Did You Know?

By the end of this year more people will be surfing on their cell phones than on their desktop computers.

As I write this (February 8, 2013) only 26% of websites are mobile-friendly.

After over 16 years of working online from home, watching North American businesses rise and fall, I know the disaster to come for small business if webmasters like myself don't dig in and help out with a little integrity. That's why I'm here.

Search Engine Ranking

Trying to gain top rank in Google's index? This is specialized knowledge that involves more than just knowing the 'rules'.

Keywords researched, competition assessed, a strategy defined, and then the real work begins.

New techniques come into play regularly. The newest buzzwords are: social signals and over-optimization. If you know about these two, you are in the top 2 percentile.

If you need help, contact me. I have a number of people in my network that I trust; I'll refer you.